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The quality of our products

At the international AGRA fair, our products traditionally receive the highest recognitions.

Velika zlata medalja AGRA 2016

Grand medal and Champion on AGRA fair 2016

In 2016, we have received the Grand Gold Medal for the ementaler cheese, milk powder, chocolate milk and sour cream. Our buttermilk received the title Champion for receiving the highest appraisals three times in a row. We have also received a SPECIAL RECOGNITION FOR OUTSTANDING QUALITY for our butters.

A dairy with tradition

Pomurske mlekarne is a company with a respectful tradition, a successful present and a strong vision for the future. Ever since the company Pomurske mlekarne was established in 1945, we have been well aware that milk is one of the most delicious nature’s treasures, which is why we handle it with care and respect.