Special recognition for exceptional quality in 2016

Slovenian cultured butter is of premium quality due to its production process. It is made from sweet cream to which lactic acid bacteria are added. Cultured butter is packaged in foil. The packaging unit contains 250 g.

Ingredients: First-grade raw butter, contains a minimum of 82% m.f.

Nutrional value per 100 g
Energy value 3120kJ/760kcal
Fat 83g
of which saturated 56g
Carbohydrates 0,7g
of which sugars 0,5g
Protein 0,5g
Salt 0,01g
250 g - 3831040004034
12 pieces
Logotipi izbrana kakovost Slovenije

Selected quality of Slovenia

The trademark "Selected Quality - Slovenia" is intended for agricultural products or foodstuffs produced and processed in Slovenia.