Preliminary completion of debt enforcement

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17. July 2020
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19. October 2020

Preliminary completion of debt enforcement

Pomurske mlekarne paid its last debt from the total of EUR 11.1 million to the creditors under the debt enforcement procedure, which started in 2017. With this, the debt enforcement, projected to be completed by 2023, has completed early. The Director Anthony Tomažin, who took over the company two years ago, has been working continually to achieve early completion of the debt enforcement procedure with the aim that milk suppliers and customers would still consider the company a good and reliable partner.

This year's the company achieved close to EUR 40 million in income and over EUR 1 million in profit. In the coming years, operations will be scaled up with new products and by penetrating new markets. In June, we obtained the IFS quality certificate for the food industry, which demonstrates the high level of safety, traceability and quality of our products. In addition, Pomurske mlekarne constantly invests in modernising and expanding production capacities.