AAA credit rating of excellence for 2019

The credit rating of excellence indicates the above-average credit value of business entities. It is based on the financial statements for the preceding financial year and predicts the reliability of the company's business operations in the next twelve months.
Companies with the credit rating of excellence operate outstandingly and meet the criteria for achieving a low probability to record one of the events listed below in the next twelve months:
  • bankruptcy, debt enforcement or liquidation,
  • deletion of the entity from the business register,
  • blocked transaction accounts of the entity for more than 60 days uninterrupted or more than 90 days with interruptions.

  • In the international environment, the certification is already an established practice, and in this way business entities are further consolidating their reputation and trustworthiness in domestic and foreign business environment. Holders of the certificate thus earn additional trust from business partners.
    The Bisnode Group has a long tradition in awarding the certificates of credit rating of excellence in 12 European countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. In the coming years, the certification will take place in all 19 European countries where Bisnode is present.

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