This processed cheese spread is made from several types of cheeses; due to the prevalence of Emmental cheese, however, the smell and flavor of the latter are markedly expressed.
Individual varieties differ in terms of fat content: Slovenka is ¾ fat and Slovenka special full-fat.

Ingredients: Cheese, water, powdered milk, whey powder, emulgators: E450, E452, antioxidant: E 339.

Nutrional value per 100 g
Slovenka Special
Energy value 878kJ/211kcal 1060kJ/255kcal
Fat 15g 19g
of which saturated fat 11g 13g
Carbohydrates 5g 7g
of which sugars <0g <4g
Protein 15g 14g
Salt 2g 1g
Slovenka 140g - 3830008930101
Slovenka 200g - 3830008930071
Special 140g - 3830008930729
200 g -24 pieces
140 g - 16 pieces