Our history

Pomurske mlekarne from the beginning until today

T he first steps were made in 1945 when, at our current location in Murska Sobota, fresh milk was turned into powdered milk and butter.

Within our current location in Murska Sobota over the years we have been following the needs and trends of the market. The product range has grown with a diverse product range, such as: baby food, tea, powdered eggs, instant coffee, fermented products, UHT and other milk products.

With the merger of two other milk production companies; Mlekarne Ptuj and Mlekarne Ljutomer long term supply of fresh milk has been reached. The merger also produced a bigger cheese selection from the Ljutomerski sir range; Livada and the traditional Emmentaler.

In our seven decades we walked many paths, went through many highs and lows, ups and downs. It all gave us the valuable experience we needed to keep walking safely and successfully. We believe in our potential, our development and the marketing of the Pomurske mlekarne products at home and abroad.